The 30 most influential persons of the last 1,000 years according to a list compiled by the History Channel and aired by AE TV. All persons are depicted in the General Lifelines of HyperHistory except Pasteur and Ford who are shown in the Special Lifeline for 'Science'.

Such a list is bound to be controversial because it is impossible to objectively judge what is more important: the music of Mozart or the science of Newton ? The final ranking is really less important than the stimulation of a lively debate.

30   Beethoven
29   Henry Ford S
28   J. S. Bach
27   Napoleon
26   Mozart
25   James Watt
24   St. Thomas
23   Lincoln
22   Genghis Khan
21   Washington

20   Adam Smith
19   Michelangelo
18   John Locke
17   Gandhi
16   Hitler
15   Jefferson
14   Edison
13   Pasteur S
12   Freud
11   Leonardo

10   Galileo
 9   Copernicus
 8   Einstein
 7   Marx
 6   Columbus
 5   Shakespeare
 4   Darwin
 3   Luther
 2   Newton
 1   Gutenberg

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