Sigmund Freud
1856 - 1939
Austrian Psychologist
Freud - the founder of psycho-analysis - provided the first systematic explanation of the inner forces that determine human behavior and he changed the way we think about ourselves.

Freud was born in Freiburg, Moravia (now in the Czech Republic). He studied medicine at Vienna, then specialized in psychopathology.

He allowed his patients to express their thoughts in a state of relaxed consciousness, and interpreting the data of childhood and dream recollections. He argued that dreams are disguised manifestations of repressed sexual wishes, and in his major work
'The Interpretation of Dreams' he emphasized the importance of sex in human behavior.

In 1902, Freud was appointed to a professorship in Vienna, but later in the 1930's Hitler banned psychoanalysis, and after the Nazi invasion of Austria Freud had to emigrate to London, where he died.

His work was carried on in a modified form, with less emphasis on sex, by Carl Jung and Alfred Adler.

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