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Data and diagrams relating to the History of Climate Change.
The Greenhouse Effect
The history of
CO2 Concentrations
Warming up
Greenland heats up fast
The Gulf Stream
The Antarctic ice sheet
The Earth's Balance of the
CO2 Cycle
Marine Crisis : Acidic Oceans
Current sea level rise
Question and Answers
Climate Sceptics Arguments
Is there a bias against sceptics ?
Who discovered global warming ?
The issue of solar activity
Is warming caused by solar activity?
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International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC):
Reports from IPCC 2013

Dec. 6, 2009   UN hits back at climate sceptics amid e-mail row

From the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA:
Global warming
From the US National Climate Data Center:
Frequently Asked Questions
The 27 articles of the Kyoto treaty adopted on Dec. 10, 1997
The Kyoto Treaty
A comprehensive explanation of various climate change theories over the last 100 years
Climate change theories
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