c.406 - 453
King of the Huns

Attila was the leader of Hunnish tribes, and in the West he was known as 'The Scourge of God'.

Attila created a large Hunnish empire from the Black Sea to Germany and he posed a grave threat to the Roman empire and the Germanic tribes alike.

After the elimination of his brother Bleda, Attila became sole ruler and advanced into the East Roman empire. In terrifying raids Attila continued west through Gaul, sacking cities and plundering as he went. ( Map )

Roman forces led by Flavius Aetius and Visigothic soldiers commanded by Theodoric I defeated Attila at the battle of the Catalaunian Fields in Gaul (451). Historians consider this one of the most important battles in the history of the world.

But Attila was still strong enough to invade Italy the next year. He then retreated to the center of his Empire in Hungary and died unexpectedly on the night of a great banquet.

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