The Huns
The Huns, or Mongols, were a Turkish-speaking nomadic people who had moved from the steppes of Central Asia into Eastern Europe in the fourth century.

Originally they had lived in the steppes to the north of China, where they were known as the Hsiung-Nu. Around A.D. 350 a powerful war confederation, called the Juan-juan drove the Huns westwards. ( Map )

The Huns moved across the sparse steppe lands of Russia and then attacked the Gothic Black Sea empire, which stretched from the Baltoc to the Black Sea. Terrified, the Gothic peoples fled westwards into Roman territory. ( Map )

Meanwhile the Huns set up headquarters in Hungary, and soon the Huns erupted from the Hungarian plain under their ferocious ruler Attila.

His terrifying raids carried him from the Balkans to Gaul and finally into Italy itself. After the invasion of Italy Attila died and soon his empire was destroyed by a German revolt.