High Lights of the War in Europe and Africa 1942/45
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War Map: 1942/45
   Sep. 16-Feb. 2, 1943
Battle of Stalingrad
(Soviet counter attack in Stalingrad begins on Nov.18 - German troops capitulate on Feb 2, 1943)    Oct. 23 - Nov. 3 Battle of El Alamein  in Egypt    Nov. 7/8
Allied forces land in North Africa.             1943    May 12
Axis resistance in Africa ends.
   Jul. 5-12
Tank battle of Kursk.
(Last major German offensive in the East fails)    Jul. 12
Allied forces invade Sicily.    Sep. 3
Allies land in Italy.
Italy signs armistice.    Oct. 3
Italy declares war on Germany.    Nov. 6
Russians recapture Kiev.
Teheran conference
(Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin)
            1944    Jan. 27
Russians break siege of Leningrad.    Mar. 19
German troops move into Hungary    May 11 -18
Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.
  June 6    D-Day
Allies land in the Normandy
   Jul. 25
U.S. forces break out of Normandy.    July
Soviet forces advance into Poland.    Aug. 15
Allied forces land in southern France.    Aug. 20
Soviet forces advance into Bessarabia in Romania.    Aug. 24
Paris liberated.    Aug. 25
Romania declares war on Germany.    Aug.-Oct.
Warsaw uprising of the Polish underground army fails.    Sep. 5
Bulgaria declares war on Germany.    Sep. 8
First V-2 rockets launched against London.    Oct. 18
Tito's partisans enter Belgrade.    Sep. 10
Finland signs armistice with Russia.    Dec.16-Jan.16
Battle of the Bulge
(Last German offensive in the West fails)            1945    Jan. 11
Soviets enter Warsaw.    Jan. 21
Hungary declares war on Germany.
Feb. 4-11
Yalta conference
(Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin)
   Feb. 13
Soviets reach Budapest.
   Mar. 23
British forces attack into Germany.    April
U.S forces sweep across Germany.    Apr. 13
Soviet troops in Vienna.    Apr. 25
U.S. and Russian forces meet at Torgau.    Apr. 16 - May 2
Battle of Berlin.    Apr. 30
Hitler commits suicide.    May 2
Capitulation of Berlin.    May 7
Germany surrenders to Allies    May 8
Germany surrenders to the Soviet Union.
July 17 - 2. August
Potsdam conference
(Truman, Churchill / Attlee, Stalin)

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