War Map: 1939/42
High Lights of the War in Europe
(See also  The War in the Pacific)


   Sept. 1
Germany invades Poland.
Sept. 3
Britain and France declare war on Germany. Sept. 28
Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland. Baltic states forced to admit Soviet garrisons. Nov. 30
Russia invades Finland.
(Nov.30 - Mar.12, 1940)

Apr. 9
Germany attacks Denmark and Norway.

May 10
Germany attacks France.
(see detail map)
(Germans attack through Belgium and the Netherlands) May 26 - June 4
British evacuation from Dunkirk. June 10
Italy declares war on Britain and France. June 22
France surrenders to Germany. Aug. 8
Battle of Britain begins.
(London Blitz from Sept. 7 until May 11, 1941) Aug. 17
German U-Boat war begins. Sept.
Italian forces advance from Libya into Egypt. Oct. 28
Italy invades Greece from Albania. Greeks counterattack. Nov. 20
Hungary joins the Axis. Nov. 23
Romania joins the Axis.

Mar. 1
Bulgaria joins the Axis. Apr. 6
Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece.

   June 22
Germany invades Russia.
Oct. 2 - Dec
Battle of Moscow. Dec. 6
Soviet counterattack begins.
(First defeat of German troops)
   Dec. 7
Japan attacks Pearl Harbour

See  The War in the Pacific
Germany & Italy declare war on the U.S.A.

June 5
German troops seize Tobruk in North Africa. Jul. 2
The British stop the Germans at
El Alamein. Sept. 16
German troops enter Stalingrad. Oct. 23 - Nov. 3
Battle of El Alamein.
Nov. 7/8
Allied forces land in Morocco. Nov. 12
British capture Tobruk. Sept. 16 - Feb. 2, 43
Battle of Stalingrad

Continued : 1942-45
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