The French Revolution


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14 July, 1789
Storming of the Bastille in Paris followed by peasant uprisings in all of France
26 Aug, 1789
'Rights of Man' declaration
June, 1791
Flight and return to Paris of the king
3 Sep, 1791
New constitution proclaimed
Apr, 1792
Declaration of war on Austria. Beginning of the wars against foreign coalition.
10 Aug, 1792
Storming of the Tuileries and internment of the royal family. (King beheaded 21 Jan, 1793)
Sep, 1792
France proclaimed a republic

Reign of Terror
Jacobins establish dictatorship. Uprisings in the Vendee.
28 Jul, 1794
Fall of Robespierre. 'White Terror' of the royalists.

The Directory
In response to the Terror a new constitution establishes a government of 5 directors.
Campaigns of Napoleon in Italy (1796-7) and Egypt (1798-9)

The Consulate
1799 - 1804
Napoleon returns from Egypt and overthrows the directory in a coup d'etat. Napoleon chosen first Consul for 10 years.

Napoleonic Empire
1804 - 1814
Coronation of Napoleon as Emperor of the French.