The Hussite Wars 1419-34

The Hussite Wars, also called the Bohemian Wars involved the military actions against and amongst the followers of Jan Huss in Bohemia in the period 1419 to circa 1434.

John Huss, executed in 1415, became Bohemia's national martyr. When his 'murderer', Sigismund, claimed the Bohemian crown, the Hussites vented their hatred of Germany in 1419 by an uprising.

Led by Jan Ziska and Andreas Proscop, the Hussite's people's army repulsed 5 assaults by imperial and crusaders armies. Theological differences among the Hussites led to a brief civil war. After the defeat of the radical factions a compromise was reached and Sigismund was recognized as Emperor.

The Hussite Wars were arguably the first European war in which hand-held gunpowder weapons such as hand cannons (pistols) made a decisive contribution. The Hussite warriors were basically infantry, and their many defeats of larger armies with heavily armoured knights helped effect the infantry revolution.

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