A small sample of famous people who had been using the original chart enthusiastically over many years :
Isaac Asimov, Science-fiction writer :
"... I studied the World History Chart with the greatest of pleasure..."
James A.Michener, Novelist :
"... I studied with great care this remarkable historical chart. I find it to be a work of both scholarship and imagination, and I would judge that anybody who aspired to thorough knowledge in the field of history and civilization could profit from having this at hand."
James Burke
BBC Connection Series :

"...the World History Chart is on the wall beside my desk and I refer to it often. Synchronoptic views are ever more important in a world of increasing specialization..."
Dr. Carl Sagan, Astronomer :
"... with best wishes for the success of your marvelous history chart ..."
Stephen Lewis :
UN Ambassador and Permanent Representative

"I am quite knocked out by your Synchronoptical History, ... it has touches of genius, ... and if Arno Peters is already a convert, his testament would be the most impressive of all ..."
Dr. Arno Peters
Historian, Bremen :

"... this work provided me with a very great, happy surprise. This Synchronopsis has a value all of its own, which is yet missing in my own work: It makes it possible to survey the entire world history at one glance : at the same time it provides a most valuable combination of historical and geographical data ..."
"... for today my deepest congratulation for Your valuable work, which I known required a major effort over many years ..."