Frances Burney 1752-1840
English Writer

Frances Burney was self-educated by reading English and French literature.

Her practice of observing and recording society led to her secretly written novel 'Evelina' which took London by storm. Nobody guessed its author could be shy Fanny Burney, then 26. Though her later novels are no longer read, 'Evelina' remains a classic.

Ch'en Shu
Chinese Artist

Painter of spirited domestic scenes and landscapes she was renowned in her time as the teacher of many great artists and writers.

Her brush was strong ahd vigorous and possessed the spirit of the antique. This scroll was painted when she was 75 years old.


Lydia Maria Child
American Writer

Author, pioneer in children's literature, crusader for women's suffrage and sex education Lydia Maria Child was also an active abolitionist whose books ignited the anti-slavery debate.


French Writer

Sidonie-Cabrielle Colette was the outstanding French woman writer of the first half of the 20th century.

Briefly she became a music-hall performer, which inspired
'La Vagabonde'; later she wrote many novels, largely concerned with the pleasures and pains of love.

She also wrote sensitively of animals, with whom she maintained a mischievous alliance against the disappointing world of men.