Benjamin Franklin
American Statesman
and Inventor

Newspaper editor from Boston who became famous for his scientific work on electricity.

All his life, Franklin used his curiosity in the development of creative and practical inventions and in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. He was a pioneer in the study of electricity, which he under-stood to be a type of fluid flowing from a positive to a negativ body. Bifocals, the Odometer, the Franklin Stove, and the Lightening Rod are some of his many inventions.

As a statesman he planned the federation of American colonies (1754), and represented Pennsylvania in London for 11 years, returning to America to assist in drawing up the Declaration of Independence.

He was Ambassador to France 1777-85, and President of Pennsylvania 1785-88. In 1787 he helped to formulate the Constitution of the United States.

He was considered the grand old man among the founding fathers of the United States,