599 - 649
Chinese Emperor

  • Portrait

    T'ai Tsung was the most out-standing and dynamic ruler of the Tang dynasty and one of the greatest rulers of China.

    Li Shih-min, was under the name of Tang T'ai Tsung, the real founder of the Tang dynasty (618 - 907) . Li Shih-min led a revolt in 618 that enabled his father the establish a new dynasty.

    During his own reign as emperor he expelled the Turks and reunited the Chinese Empire. Under T'ai Tsung China reached its highest cultural achievements and his reign is considered the golden age of Chinese history.

    The splendid capital, Ch'ang-an, had 90 Budhhist and 16 Taoist places of worship, four Zoroastrian temples and two Nestorian Christian churches. It housed about a million people within its walls and probably another million in the suburbs outside.

    For more than a century after his death, Tang China enjoyed peace and prosperity. (See  map of Tang China )

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