PEPIN the Younger
c.714 - 768
Frankish Ruler

Pepin was the son of Charles Martel and the father of Charlemagne.
He served as major-domo in the Merovingian kingdom of Neustria & Austrasia (future Germany and France).

In 751 an assembly of the Franks deposed the last of the weak Merovingian kings and proclaimed Pepin king.

Pope Stephen II, who ruled Rome, asked Pepin for help against the Langobard king who had captured Ravenna, the last enclave of Byzantine rule in Italy. Pepin sent his army and forced the Langobards to return the conquered territories, which were then given to the pope.

These areas together with Rome became the Papal States. The pope - in return - confirmed Pepin as the first Carolingian king of the Franks.

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The Pope makes Pepin King