511 - 579
Persian King

Koshru, or Chosroes, was a power-ful reform king of the Sassanid dynasty in Persia. He is known in Persian sources as Anushirvan, meaning the 'Immortal Soul'. For the Arabs his name, rendered as Kisra, became the generic name for all the Sassanian kings.

He ruled the Sassanian Empire from 531 to 579. He successfully fought the Byzantine Empire, briefly occupying Antioch in 540, and in the East he crushed the nomadic Hephthalites and established Sassanian hegemony over present-day Afghanistan. His troops conquered areas as far away as Yemen and in the Caucasus.

A patron of learning, Khosru invited Greek philosophers to his court after their academy was closed in Athens in 529. During his long reign many works were translated from Greek and Sanskrit into Persian.

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