c.435 - 493
Germanic Chieftain

Odoacer, also known as Odovacer, was a Germanic foederati general and the first non-Roman ruler of Italy after AD 476. Germanic commander of the Roman army who deposed the last Roman emperor (476) which meant that the Western Roman Empire ceased to exist.

Odoacer revolted against the Roman general Orestes who himself had overthrown the emperor Nepos. Odoacer was proclaimed king by his troops in 476 and a few days later Orestes was captured and killed.

Odoacer then deposed Orestes son, the emperor Romulus Augustulus. Odoacer became the first barbarian king of Italy but by 489 Theodoric the Ostrogoth invaded Italy after the Eastern emperor had appointed him king of Italy. Odoacer surrendered and was killed in 493.

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