42 BC - A.D. 37
Roman Emperor
Tiberius Claudius was the second emperor of Rome.

He was the son of an army officer under Caesar. His mother was Livia, who married Augustus after Tiberius was born.

Tiberius received important military commands and campaigned successfully in central and southern Europe. When Augustus died in A.D. 14 Tiberius was proclaimed emperor.

As successor to Augustus Tiberius' reign is seen as a period of growth and consolidation of power.
In A.D. 27 Tiberius retired to Capri and left the captain of the Praetorian Guard, Sejanus, to rule for him. Sejanus kept a reign of terror for five years until Tiberius had Sejanus put to death.

After that Tiberius mistrusted everybody and struck down all whom he feared. His own death came as a relief to the people in Rome.

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