69 - 30 BC
Queen of Egypt
Cleopatra was the name of several Macedonian queens of Egypt. The most famous was Cleopatra VII, the last of the line of Ptolemies, who had ruled Egypt for almost 300 years.

Cleopatra was highly educated and possessed an impressive intellect, being a student of philosophy and international relations.

She was engaged in a civil war over the throne with her brother when Caesar arrived in 48 BC. In her struggles to win the crown, she sought the support of Julius Caesar, bearing him a son.

As queen Cleopatra attempted to establish a Hellenistic - Oriental state. For a time she lived in Rome. Later, she won the protection of Rome through an affair with Mark Anthony, and had three children with him. Financing his failing military campaigns, both she and Anthony were defeated in a battle against Octavian, after which she committed suicide.

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