c.992 - c.925 BC
King of Judah

Solomon, the second son of David, was the king under whom Israel reached its greatest prosperity and glory.

He realized that the narrower interests of the 12 tribes threatened the unity of the state and redivided the kingdom into 12 administrative districts with borders deviating from old tribal boundaries.

Solomon was a great diplomat who entered into close trade relations with Arabia and Phoenicia. Financed by the wealth obtained in trade Solomon carried out many building projects in Jerusalem, such as the palace, and the famous temple.

But high taxation and alliances with heathen courts bred discontent, which later brought the disruption of the kingdom under his son, Rehoboam.

Solomon achieved fame as a sage and poet and is regarded as the author of the 'Song of Solomon'. He was credited with extraordinary wisdom, and became a legendary figure in Judaism.

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