c.590 - 529 BC
King of Persia

  • map Persia

    Cyrus, the Great, was the founder of the Achaemenid Persian empire.

    Cyrus, a Persian vassal-king, conquered Media and strengthened his rule over Iran. He made himself master of Lydia by defeating Croesus in 456 BC. With the help of the powerful city priesthood of Babylon Cyrus entered the city without fighting.

    With the conquest of the Babylonian Empire, Palestine became part of the Persian Empire and Cyrus allowed the Jews to return home from their Babylonian captivity. He then turned to the East and brought much of Central Asia under his rule.

    By borrowing from the customs of the peoples he subjugated, Cyrus shaped Achaemenid culture and civilization. Cyrus was slain in an expedition against the Scythians.

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