Immanuel Kant
1724 - 1804
German Philosopher
Immanuel Kant was one of the greatest philosophers of all time. His works offer an analysis of speculative and moral reason and the faculty of human judgement.

Kant was born in Koenigsberg, Germany. He spent his entire life there, studying at the university, and becoming professor of logic and metaphysics in 1770.

His main works, now philosophical classics, are the 'Critique of Pure Reason', and the 'Critique of Practical Reason' where he attempted to reconcile the conflict between rationalism and empiricism (between knowledge by reason and knowledge by experience).

In his third and last work 'Critique of Judgment', he argued that aesthetic judgments, although universal, do not depend on any property (such as beauty or sublimity) of the object.

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Immanuel Kant