Henry VIII
1491 - 1547
King of England
Henry was born in Greenwich, London, the second son of Henry VII. Henry VIII was one of the strongest of English monarchs who helped England become one of the great naval powers, but who spent a large part of his fortune on foreign wars.

After the Pope refused to nullify his marriage with Catherine of Aragon Henry withdrew from the Roman Church and created the Anglican Church of England. The clergy was then forced to recognize the king as the supreme head of the Church and the suppression of monasteries began.

Henry VIII then married in succes-sion Anne Boleyn (1533),who was later executed on the grounds of infidelity; Jane Seymour, who died leaving a son (afterwards Edward VI); Anne of Cleves, who was promptly divorced; Catherine Howard, also executed for infidelity ; and finally Catherine Parr, who survived him.

His later years saw further war with France and Scotland, before peace was concluded with France in 1546. He was succeeded by his son as Edward VI.

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