Giordano Bruno
1548 - 1600
Italian Philosopher
Giordano Bruno was perhaps the best known philosopher of the Italian Renaissance.

Giordano Bruno was ordained as a Dominican priest in 1575. He was accused of heresy and in 1576 left his order.

He travelled to Toulouse where he taught theology, and then to England, where he taught at Oxford. Following trips to Marburg, Wittenberg, Prague, and Frankfurt he went back to Venice, where in 1592 he was imprisoned by the Inquisition.

Giordano Bruno - rejecting the geocentric and anthropocentric universe - expanded the Copernican system with his pantheistic conception of a plurality of worlds and an infinite universe without centre.

In his book 'De umbris idearum' (On Shadows of Ideas), he described nature as descending from divine unity to matter and darkness, and announced his belief that reality is constituted by the mind. Refusing to recant his views, he was burned as a heretic in Rome.

anthropocentric = 'Man as the goal of all reality'
pantheistic = 'God and the world are not separate but identical'

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