1377 - 1446

Filippo Brunelleschi, born in Florence, was a sculptor, architect and engineer and he became one of the pioneers of early Renaissance architecture. He adopted classical forms to achieve a new concept of space.

His most important work is the dome of the cathedral in Florence. Brunellesco invented machines for the construction of the dome (erected between 1420 and 1461) which served as the model for Michelangelo's design for St Peter's in Rome. Other famous buildings by him in Florence are the Church of San Lorenzo and the Ospedale degli Innocenti.

Brunellesco also established the rules of scientific perspective. Perspective drawing makes the observer the centre of the visible world upon which the painting is a window. The senses of the audience are intergrated with those of the artist, creating a new relationship which resulted in the great artistic explosion of the Renaissance.

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