c.570 - 632

Mohammed was the founder and Prophet of Islam and of a political unit at Medina that developed into the Arab empire, or Caliphate.

In 610 Mohammed had a vision in which he was taken on a journey to Jerusalem and thence through the heavens to Allah and instructed in his mission.

In Mecca, he began to preach the omnipotence of Allah, the impending day of judgment, and the necessity of complete obedience to Allah's will. Mohammed summed up his message under the name of  Islam, that is 'submission to Allah'.

The new Prophet was at first rejected by the people of Mecca and he had to flee to Medina. This event, the 'Hegira' marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar (622). Eventually Mohammed returned to Mecca and then went on to unite all of Arabia under the banner of Islam.

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Koran: Surrah 1 and 47