Pushkin, Alexander


Pushkin was born in Moscow of noble family. He is the founder of modern Russian literature and has often been considered the greatest of Russia's lyric poets.

His revolutionary enthusiasm led to his banishment in 1820 for several years. In 1831 he published 'Eugene Onegin' - a satirical poem on fashionable society, and 'Boris Godunov' - a tragedy. During his life Pushkin wrote some 800 lyrics with a dozen narrative poems.

The frivolous social life of his wife led Pushkin into debt and eventually to his early death as result of a duel with his wife's brother-in-law.


Tchekhov, Anton


Russian author of short stories and dramatist, considered to be one of the greatest short-story writers in the history of world literature.

He trained as a doctor and practised throughout most of his literary career.

He wrote several plays which made him famous also outside of Russia - 'The Seagull', 'Uncle Vanya', 'Three Sisters' and 'The Cherry Orchard'.

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Turgenev, Ivan


Russian novelist, and playwright, born at Orel, he first became famous for 'A Sportman's Sketches'. He was imprisoned for his liberal views and left Russia in 1855 for Paris. His best-known works are 'Fathers and Sons', 'Smoke', and 'Virgin Soil'.

Turgenev portrayed realistically the peasantry and the rising intelligentsia in its attempt to move the country into a new age, and remains one of the major figures of the 19th century Russian literature.