Kafka, Franz


Czech novelist, born in Prague, Kafka worked for a time in an insurance office.

The works of Kafka have been recognized as symbolizing modern man's anxiety-ridden alienation in an indifferent world. His novel
'The Trial' deals with a man persecuted and put to death by the strange agencies of an unfathomable court of law.

The 'Castle' describes the relentless but futile efforts of a man to gain recognition from the mysterious rulers of the castle who dominate the village where he wants to establish himself.

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Grillparzer, Franz

Austria's most celebrated dramatic poet, Grillparzer, was born in Vienna. He studied at the University of Vienna, and worked in the imperial civil service.

In 1818 he was appointed poet to the Hofburgtheater. He wrote 12 tragedies and one comedy, as well as lyric poetry and a novel.