Dore, Gustave
French artist and book illustrator

Gustave Dore provided many literary masterpieces with dramatic and inventive illustrations. These include the Bible, the works of Rabelais and Balzac, Dante's 'Divine Comedy' and Cervantes' 'Don Quixote'.

For some years Dore was a constant contributor to the 'Journal pour Rire'. Later in life he devoted himself to the production of large pictures on religious subjects, such as 'The Dream of Pilate's Wife','The Entry into Jerusalem', and 'Ecce Homo'.

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Ernst, Max
German painter - a leader of irrationality in art and an originator of the realist faction of the Surrealist movement.

During the first World War Max Ernst was converted to Dada, a movement of 'nonsense' art often having nihilstic or satirical intent. His Dada collages and photomontages combine a sense of mystery with a sense of humour. An example is his illogical composition titled 'Here Everything Is Still Floating'.