Corot, Camille


French landscape and figure painter whose work bridged classical and romantic styles.

He came under the influence of a group of nature painters in the village of Barbizon where he painted everything as if seen through a delicate gray veil.

Later he changed his style using the play of light and color that led to Impressionism.

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Courbet, Gustave


French artist who, rebelling against the Romantic style, became a leader of the Realist movement. His paintings of untraditional realist subjects, like 'The Stone Breakers', 'Young Ladies of the Village' and others, caused a scandal when they were exhibited.
Both were quite unlike the romantic pictures of the day because they showed peasants in realistic settings instead of the rich in glamorized situations.

In 1855 he completed a huge canvas, The Artist's Studio, and, when it was refused for an important exhibition, Courbet boldly displayed his work himself near the exhibition hall.

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