Chaplin, Charles
Considered one of the greatest comedian of all time whose gift for comedy made him the most famous actor of silent film.


Born in London Chaplin came to the United States when he was 21. Chaplin acted, directed, scripted, produced and eventually scored his own films as one of the most creative and influential personalities of the silent-film era.

His working life in entertainment spanned over 75 years, from the Music Hall in the United Kingdom as a child performer almost until his death at the age of 88.

Among his most famous movies were 'The Kid', 'The Goldrush',
'City Lights', 'Modern Times', and 'The great Dictator'.

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Images from Chaplin films

Chardin, Jean Baptiste
Regarded as one of the great French artists of the 1700's who lifted simple people into a painted world of quiet perfection.


Born in Paris, Chardin lived there all his life, content to paint the common scenes and objects of daily life. He applied his paint in a mixture of glazes and thick pigment that suggests the textures of his subjects with amazing accuracy.

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Corregio, Antonio


One of the most important Renaissance painters who ranked with Michelangelo, Titian, and a few other great artists.
He was also one of the boldest and most inventive artists of the High Renaissance and he was highly influential in the development of Baroque dome painting.

In his dome paintings Correggio developed the illusionist conception of depicting a scene as though it were actually taking place in the sky above. His painting 'Holy Night' and his dome frescos in Parma are famous for their originality.

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