Brueghel, Pieter (the Elder)

The greatist Flemish artist of the 1500's whose paintings often expose human vices and folly. He was a moralist who saw man's folly in many disguises.

He often distributed many small figures over a large landscape depicting allegorical drawings of virtues and vices.

In his last years Breughel used fewer and larger figures such as 'The Blind Leading the Blind'.

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Brueghel, Pieter (Younger)
Flemish painter who imitated and popularized his father's work.

Brueghel the Younger, the elder of two sons of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted religious subjects, fantastic compositions and landscapes. For his fascination with hobgoblins, fires, and grotesque figures he was nicknamed 'Hell Brueghel'.

Still he is best known as a copyist of his father's paintings. He made the copies of such great class that many of them were considered the works by Pieter the Elder. Thus, one of the four known copies of the 'Massacre of the Innocents', was only in 1982 attributed to Pieter the Younger.