Bramante, Donato
One of the greatest of the Italian Renaissance architects.


Born in Florence Bramante studied in northern Italy as a painter under masters interested in perspective and architecture. In Milan he built the dome of 'Santa Maria delle Grazie'. He went to Rome in 1499, where he designed the Vatican Galleries and the domed San Pietro in Montorio.

Under Pope Julius II he planned the rebuilding of Rome, and he established the gigantic scale and dimensions of St. Peter's Church by building the central piers and first vault. Many architects, including Raphael and Michelangelo, worked on this church in succeeding centuries.

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Braque, Georges
French painter. One of the most influential artist of the 20th century who, together with Picasso, developed Cubism.


Influenced by Cezanne Braque took Cezanne's simple forms as basis of his work and simplified them still further. He analyzed objects in his paintings, showing them from several points of view. He often used pasted paper to create his designs, works to be known as collages.