Marc Andreesen was a part-time assistant at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois when the World Wide Web began to take off.

Most of the browsers available then were for Unix machines which were expensive. This meant that the Web was mostly used by academics who had access to such machines. Marc decided to develop a browser that was easier to use and more graphically rich.

His browser was much more sophisticated graphically than other browsers of the time. His Mosaic browser made it possible for images and text to appear on the same page. Mosaic also sported a graphical interface with clickable buttons that let users navigate easily and controls that let users scroll through text with ease.

Another innovative feature was the hyper-link. In earlier browsers hypertext links had reference numbers that the user typed in to navigate to the linked document. Hyper-links allowed the user to simply click on a link to retrieve a document.

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