In the late 6th century several loose tribal confederations developed into a centralized Buddhist kingdom, but the kdm disintegrated in the 9th cent.

The Mongol conquest in 1247 led to the installation of a religious leader, the Saskya Lama, as the viceroy of Tibet.

In the 15th century a reform Buddhist group, the Dge-lugs-pa (Yello Hat), gained power; in 1578 the head of this order was given the title of Dalai Lama by the great Mongol leader Altan Khan. With the help of the Mongols, the Dge-lugs-pa became the supreme rulers of Tibet

The Tibetan War
In 1717-20 the Chinese invaded Tibet, ending the Mongol influence and placing the Dalai Lama under their control.

20th century
After the republican revolution of 1911 in China, Tibet, with British aid, declared its independence.

The Peoples Republic of China reconquered Tibet undermining the authority of the Dalai Lama, who, after a popular uprising, had to flee into exile in India.