Hyperhistory is complemented
with a comprehensive history
text written by Frank Smitha.
Russia and the Mongols
Summary :
Mongol invasion
Ivan III
Ivan the Terrible   1530-1584
Time of Troubles   1584-1613
Romanovs to Peter the Great
Peter the Great   1672 -1725
Russia and Sweden
Summary :
Sweden against Peter the Great - the Great Northern War.
Central Europe
Summary :
Wars of Polish and Austrian successions. Seven Years' War. Catherine the Great.
European Conservatism to 1848
Summary :
Congress of Vienna. Decembrist plot in Russia. Uprisings of 1830 and 1848.
Imperialism to Crimean War
Summary :
British and Dutch in Asia. Middle East to 1830. Afghanistan. Opium War. Crimean War.
Russian Empire 1855 to 1900
Summary :
Abolition of serfdom; Territorial expansion; Tsarist authorithy in Poland; Rebellions.