The British / French War (1754-63) in North America coincided with the Seven Years War in Europe.

Constant border conflicts between the numerous British settlers and the thinly settled but well-fortified French colonial territories became open warfare in the Ohio valley in 1754. Initial French successes led to the fall of the English Whig government.

In 1757 William Pitt assumed political leadership in England; he strengthened the navy and overseas army. The British advanced to the Ohio valley where they seized Fort Duquesne, and an expedition under General James Wolfe sailed up the St. Lawrence and besieged Quebec, which fell to the British after the Battle of the Plain of Abrahams (1759).

In 1760 Montreal was seized and New France capitulated. By the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, all French North America east of the Mississippi was ceded to Britain, while the Louisiana Territory was given to Spain.

During the Seven Years War Britain occupied Havana in Cuba and, on the other side of the globe they seized Manila in the Philippines.
To get them back Spain had to surrender Florida to the British.