Hyperhistory is complemented
with a comprehensive history
text written by Frank Smitha.
French, Dutch and English
Summary :
Jamestown. Puritans in Massachusetts. Dutch colonialism. French expansion and English colonists to 1700.
American Revolution
Summary :
Migration to the colonies in the 1700's. Conflict with England. Independence. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
World Economies
Summary :
Economies of India and China; England's Advance in Technology; US Economy to 1840, Economies in the Middle East
US and Canada
Summary :
Slavery and emancipation. Rebellions against the British.
Mexican War
Summary :
Republic of Texas and annexation. California and northern Mexico. Invasion of Vera Cruz and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Civil War
Summary :
Differences between North and South. John Brown and Lincoln. Civil War to assination of Lincoln.
US, 1865 to 1900
Summary :
Reconstruction; Economic development; Labour unrest and distribution of wealth.