Comprehensive text on world history from  1900 to 2004 by Frank E. Smitha.
Europe 1900-1910
Africa, Asia 1900-10
United States 1900-10
Mexican Revolution
Towards World War I
World War I in 1914
World War I in 1915
World War I in 1916
1917: Revolution in Russia,
the US in the war
1918: Chaos in Russia
and last year of World War I
in Germany and Peace Treaty
Revolution in Turkey
China and Japan in the 1920's
Civil War in Russia
Italy, Britain and France
Germany 1919-29
Colonial Empires 1919-29
United States 1919-29
Depression in the 1930's
Germany and Hitler
Spain and Latin America
Japan and China to 1936
Europe 1929-36
Years of terror in the USSR
Japan and China 1937-40
Europe 1937-40
War in the Pacific 41/42
War in Europe 41/45
War against Japan 42/45
Postwar Arrangements
Palestine to 1950
Cold War to 1950
Africa 1945-80
U.S. and Vietnam
Protest Movements
U.S. 1947-65
China 1949-89
Japan Recovers
Soviet Union 1945-90
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