Comprehensive notes on world history by Frank E. Smitha.


Han China
The rise and fall of Han China. Confuciansim and Taoism.
Fall of the Roman Republic
Spartacus. Julius Caesar. Octavian, Antony and Cleopatra. Rule by Augustus.
Jews and Christians
The Essenes. Dead Sea Scrolls. Jesus and the early Christians. Jews against Rome to AD 250.
Early Roman Empire
Rule by the Julian-Claudian emperors. Tiberius. Caligula. Claudius the family man. Nero, Christians and the Great Fire.
From Golden Age
to Political Chaos

Good and bad emperors. Plutarch and Cynics.
Power to the military. Rome swallowed by its empire.
Persia to AD 300
Rise of the Sassanids. Zorostrianism and the prophet Mani. Jews and Christians in Persia.
Economic Decline
The depopulation of cities. Christian martyrdoms of the 200s. Neoplatonism.
The emperor Diocletian.
Christian Emperors
and the Fall of Rome

Constantine and Bishop Eusibius. Christian infighting.
Germanic invasions.
Augustine's theory about the fall of Rome and original sin.
Remnants of Roman Empire
Vandals in North Africa. Ostrogoths rule Italy. Attila the Hun. Clovis the Frank. Rivalry between bishops of Rome, Constantinople and Alexandria.
Persia and India
Persia, more intolerance, and communist uprising.
Gupta India, the Golden Age. Hinduism gains, Buddhism declines. Invasions.
China, Buddhism, Japan
Buddhism and turmoil in China. Taosim changes and Confucianism declines.
Japan acquires civilization.
America - Africa - Oceania
The Olmec and Teotihuacan.
The Mayas. Hopwell culture.

Developments in Africa, from 1750 BC to AD 500. Ancient Ghana. Aksum. The Bantus.

Southeast Asia and Oceania.