The World History Chart

The Wall Chart (14 x 48 inches) is folded into the cover of a book with 48 pages of text, including biographical notes for 464 persons.

The chart features several innovations distinguishing it from other history charts such as:

Design :  A strict separation of chronologies, lifelines and maps.
Code :     A color code distinguishing clearly between science, culture, religion and politics.
Maps:     So we can find out simultaneously when things happened & where they happened.

The Chart is separated into three main sections. A fourth part on the very top of the chart lists over 800 important events.

The upper part depicts the lifelines of 464 important persons, distinguishing with different colors between science, culture, religion, and politics;

the center part displays the chronologies of the major civilizations; with different colors for Europe (blue), the Middle East (green), India (brown), China (yellow), Russia & America (blue), and others;

the bottom part contains 24 maps.

The story of the author and the evolution of the Chart is described here:
History of the History Chart