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HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.

Quick Overview
A display from the simple to the more complex. The graphics in the Center Panel provide a first quick overview of general information linked to short texts in the right Text Panel.

In Depth Information
More comprehensive information is provided at the bottom of the text files with www links.
( From the Shakespeare text file, for example, you can find a link to the complete works of Shakespeare, etc.) and in the science section the student can expand to learn about the history of the theory of matter, or the relativity theory, etc. HHO is also complemented with a  Book Text with 250 chapters of world history.

Navigation is made easy because the permanent  Menu Panel on the left allows anybody to switch effortlessly from one category to another.

The separate Text Panel on the right allows instant display of scripts while retaining the context provided by the synchronoptic graphics in the center  Main Panel.

The  Menu Panel  contains four domain buttons and one Option: Options includes sections which do not fit into the other domains.
A section called Connections contains stories or graphics as interesting
' footnotes' to world history. ( As an example see Man of the Century or the story how Western science was born in Greece.) People displays lifelines for over 1000 persons in science, culture, religion, and politics. (In addition there are special expanded sections for scientists, artists, writers, composers, famous women, and politicians accessible from the 'Options' panel). ( See People Selection Criteria ) History displays timelines for the major civilizations with many text links.
(See also Introduction to Timelines). Events depicts events on a year to year basis. At the present time it reaches back from 2010 to 1200. Maps displays seven Periods of  World History with many links to dozens of regional maps. Index leads to an alphabetical index for over 1000 persons depicted within the lifelines of the People's section.
A Color Code reminds us what the colors within the 'People' and 'Events' section indicate: For quick shortcuts to science, culture, religion and politics click on the colored boxes at the bottom of the page. HHO is complemented with a  Book Text with 250 chapters of world history, accessible from the button on the lower right.

Over 3,000 files are interconnected throughout the site. In addition to that HyperHistory provides several hundred links to the world wide web. The growing site itself contains presently over 100 MB of images and text files, but individual gif files are kept small enough to allow for a quick display.

HyperHistory Online (HHO) - which is visited by 3,500-7,000 people a day - functions as a companion to the seminal World History Chart by  Andreas Nothiger. So far over 40,000 charts have been sold worldwide.

Online does not replace the printed chart but complements it : the printed Chart confers a superior overview of history whereas the Online version provides depth and connections to other web sites.

The two versions combined form an integrated part of the World History Project - thus serving as a model of how the printed and electronic media can complement each other.

A Web Event

HHO is a landmark in web development, because people from around the world are encouraged to participate. Participation can take many forms, from supplying information that could be included to suggestions of good Hyperlinks. Imagine a symphony of links with as many pathways as there are participating minds. The most exciting contribution will be if people get inspired to build their own independent web pages about subjects we didn't cover. High standards have to be maintained of course and we will have to make decisions about which websites would be appropriate to link up to.

Hyperhistory Online is now sponsored by Starfall Education Foundation,
PO Box 359, Boulder, CO 80306.
Contact us for technical and content suggestions

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