HyperHistory has three basic frames :

Menu Panel ( left ) - for Navigation
    Main Panel ( center ) - for Graphic Displays
        Text Panel ( right ) - for text files, accessable from the Graphic Displays

Menu Panel  -  ( Five Buttons on the left )

Anything that does not fit into the four domains (round blue buttons) can be found within the OPTION panel. (Example: Connections).

Display of General Lifelines for persons of world historical importance from their date of birth until their date of death with the following colour code: Biographical texts can be accessed by clicking inside the lifeline boxes. Many text files have also www links built in. Those will show up on the bottom of the text frame. Special Lifelines for scientists, artists, composers, writers, politicians, and famous women can be displayed from the Options Panel.

Display of the major civilization timelines with the following colour code: Blue words within the timelines link to text files. Clickable map icons link to map displays in the Text Panel for quick reference. (C) links to connection stories, (P) links to pictures.
(See also Introduction to Timelines).

Events and facts displayed on a year to year basis with the same colour code as the lifelines.

Display of historical maps.
Seven Periods of World History with links to 32 regional maps. (More information can be viewed by clicking anywhere inside the world maps)

Bottom Bar

Index (link from left bottom corner) leads to an alphabetical index for persons depicted within the lifelines of the People's section and all special lifeline sections.

Color Code reminds the user what the colors within the 'People' and 'Events' section indicate: For shortcuts to science, culture, religion and politics click on the colored boxes at the bottom.

Book Text (about 250 chapters) is a complementary book text accessible from Hyperhistory.

Hard Copy for ordering the printed version of the History Chart.

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