World History : 3,000 years of worldhistory timelines
HyperHistory presents 3000 years of World History with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps. Over a thousand files are interconnected throughout the website. The site contains over 10 MB of images and text files, but individual gif files are kept small enough to allow for a quick display.

The Synchronoptic Concept in World History. The World History Chart is a timeline using visual art forms in combination with historical information. Its purpose is to convey a perspective of world historical events, and to enable the reader to hold simultaneously in mind of what was happening in widely separated parts of the world.

Educational Aspects 1

Students today cannot count on finding one smooth career path, because jobs that exist today will change tomorrow. Education will not simply be a prelude to a career, but a lifelong endeavor. The challenge for education will be to find ways of bringing to the process of instruction the passion for discovery that drives research. An important aspect of today's teaching philosophy will be to stimulate the natural curiosity of students to the point whereby the pursuit of knowledge becomes a lot of fun. Next

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