Note :
      Some colleges in the United States have begun to use the World History Chart
      and Book as required textbook reading in their Humanities Departments.
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'Just received your chart and accompanying booklet of the World History Chart. I am pleased with the printed product, as I am fascinated with any graphic which can show at a glance the timeline of recorded history. I find it especially useful in teaching my military history courses to US Army officers.'
J. Dupree

'Who in the world did this amazing timeline site? It must have taken several 100 hours. I studied religious history at Yale 1994-96, and wish that I'd had this site then, because it's such a handy reference too - a great way to put any event or era into a global and historical context. At a glance one can see what else was going on in the world when, for example, Moses lived, or Paul wrote his letters that would later enter the New Testament.'
S. Isebrand
New York City, NY 10024

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Stephen C. Webb
Sr. Research Engineer
'Thank you for one of the most professional, educational, and beautiful web sites. I am a senior citizen and hate to admit history was one of my least favorite subjects in school. I also ordered the World History Wall Chart today and I'm looking forward to reading your online text in conjunction with the World History Chart ! '
Faye Bowring

'I got the chart and it is not just that I like it and the accompanying booklet, my wife is thrilled by it too. They should have this chart on the wall of every classroom, and the booklet could serve teachers to give students a quick and concise introduction into the major time frames and events making up our past. The chart would do the rest in generating interest for more detailed discoveries.'
Wolfgang Wittenburg

'I put the chart immediately up in the hallway in our apartment, and within ten minutes, my roommates and I were already arguing the eurocentrism of so many curricula.
We discussed the relations between Europe and China in the 18th century, discussed contrasting theories of empire, facilitated by not just the listed events, but also by the major thinkers and artists of the period.
I'm sure this was just one of many interesting conversations to come. And to top it all off, it even looks nice and covers the empty white space in our halls.'
H. Simes, Student
Baltimore, MD

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